The Atom: A Love Affair


As this film was released during lockdown, most of the screenings we've done have taken place virtually, with online Q&As - but we are very much open for business for physical screenings too. 
Just fill in this form to give us an idea of the kind of numbers you'd anticipate at a screening and we'll get back to you to discuss the details. 
We generally either charge an overall licence fee to cover our copyright and distribution costs, or if is a ticketed event, we can split the proceeds with you above an agreed floor price, again to meet our own costs. 
We look forward to hearing from you. 


'The Atom: A Love Affair' is proving popular with students and academics in a number of different university disciplines including Science & Technology Studies, History of Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, Politics, History, Sociology, Economics & Communications.
If you would like to screen the film as part of a course or just as a one-off screening, we can help you with that.
The film can also be used in SCHOOLS - we have developed a study/discussion guide with support from the British Society for the History of Science, aimed particularly at STEM students but also relevant to those studying history, geography, politics and media studies. This is a great resource for after-school STEM clubs or for an enriching extracurricular activity.


If you would like to watch the film on the big screen, we can help you approach your local cinema to request a screening for you and your friends.
Please contact for more information.

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